February 14, 2010

Children's Museum

We've talked about going to the Boston Children's Museum ever since A was born. This weekend, we finally did it. He is the perfect age to appreciate it, and he had a blast!

We got down on our back to look up into a tank of turtles. It was fun to point and watch the turtle tummies as they swam across the tank.
A definitely got to release some energy. Here he is using his arms to turn the pedals of a bike that powers a line of lights.

There was a special exhibit on Curious George.
Little N didn't seem to mind that we interrupted his normal morning nap. He still smiled at everyone who looked at him. (Which was everyone, because really, how cute is he?)
And despite having a large number of rooms and displays....A could easily have spent the entire day in this room of balls.

After a couple hours at the museum, we left as it was starting to get crowded to the point of insanity. We then went to Flour for lunch. Yum. It is a little high-maintenance taking two little ones out on such an outing, but it was totally worth it. We had a great time!

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