February 1, 2010

Menu of the Week

*Beef Stew - image from Cooking Light

Hm. I haven't written out my menu yet. Thought I'd try to make it up real quick. Didn't go to the grocery store this weekend either, so we'll be making do with what we already have. Let's see...

Monday - Leftovers! Oh how I love leftovers, especially on a Monday night. We have sausage/white beans, burgers, some happy pasta...

Tuesday - Pancakes, bacon, and fruit salad. (Breakfast for dinner, and this is leftovers too! I am on a roll...)

Wednesday - Basic Beef Stew with Carrots and Mushrooms - Would you believe this is leftover too?

Thursday - Okay, I guess I have to cook something. Skillet ziti with vegetables, salad.

Friday - By popular request: pierogies, kielbasa, and cinnamon apples

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  1. Sounds delicious, especially Tuesday!


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