January 21, 2011

Things I Love...

...about my sister, Dawn.

- She can walk into any social situation and be completely at ease.  She is a master at the art of conversation
- She is always looking for ways to better herself - to become more informed, learn a new skill, or broaden her perspective in some way
- She is a world traveler.  She has been to places like Zimbabwe and Finland during college, she went to Thailand on her honeymoon, and she currently lives in Barcelona
- We are very compatible travel companions.  She went with me on my first trip to Europe - London and Paris when I was 23.  My favorite trip so far, though, was to Prague and Budapest with our husbands.  We're currently planning Italy for this August.  
- She has a ridiculously cute little boy who is on his way to becoming trilingual (English, Spanish, Catalan)
- She has a wonderful husband who fit into the family immediately
- She is amazing with kids and thankfully found her calling as a teacher
- She is willing to try just about anything
- She loves finding good books, movies, art...
- She has really cool green eyes
- She is the kind of cook that can throw together some ingredients - whatever she happens to have - and make something yummy.
- She lets me vent to her when I need to let it out
- She is always very thoughtful, putting a lot of effort into finding just the right gifts

Happy Birthday, Dawn!


  1. gorgeous post! happy birthday to your sister :) x

  2. And she's so silly! Everyone is always happier when Dawn is around.

  3. Anonymous24.1.11

    And she was truly wonderful and patient with her grandma, who could try the patience of a saint at times.

  4. Anonymous24.1.11

    sorry, anonymous is Aunt Elinor!

  5. This is soooo sweet! You're a great sister. And your sister Dawn sounds lovely (:


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