July 13, 2009

Sweet Big Brother

I should go ahead and admit that my posts will most likely be pictures of my boys for a while. I'm soaking in my gorgeous new baby and thoroughly enjoying the quality time I'm able to spend with my toddler, so that's what's on my mind. I promise I'll get back to posting some non-baby stuff after a while, but in the meantime...

*Aaron wanted Nathan to have a car to play with, too.

Aaron is a fabulous big brother. Any concerns I may've had about his being jealous or getting upset about having to share Mommy have truly disappeared. Okay, occasionally he does still want Mommy to do something for him when I have an armful of baby and can't, but all in all, he's pretty awesome.

*Aaron wanted to show Nathan pictures of fire trucks. I can't wait until Aaron can really read to him!

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  1. these pix are soooo great. esp the one of a holding up the picture book - so so cute! this makes me so happy for you adn so excited for our #2 which is coming fast. as soon as we all get our new lives under control we really need to plan a playdate...even if that is in a few years...we gotta do it! so fun! xoxo


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