April 29, 2014

Spring Weekend

Spring is such a tease.  April loves oscillating between warm, sunny days and cold, dreary ones.  This year, we've only had a couple of those warm ones, so I was all the more grateful for a trip south to visit family.  

In my hometown, April is warm and green and full of flowers.  Putting on my sandals and shorts felt amazing.  We spent a day at the beach, watching the kids run and splash and squeal.  They were so happy!  We ate out a lot, we spent time hanging out and talking and laughing.  With little kids, the atmosphere is almost always loud and chaotic, but it is most certainly fun.  My sister and I fit in a yoga class, my husband and brother-in-law fit in a man-date, and we even managed an awesome night out as grown-ups!  (Thank you, Mom!)  

The highlight of the trip for most of us was a Sunday morning kayaking adventure.  We took the kids in tandem kayaks through a waterway over to a little island where they could run and splash and squeal some more, and we then enjoyed a well-earned brunch afterwards.  The sun beat down on my shoulders, and I soaked it in.  I didn't bring my phone, for fear of getting it wet.  With no pictures or instagramming or facebooking...did it really happen?  It felt really good to leave it behind and stay in that moment.  It is etched in my memory.

It was a fabulous weekend, full of laughs and relaxing and good food and fun and, most importantly for me this time of year, warm sunshine.  Hooray for Spring!  Now, of course, we're back home in the cloudy cold.  I'm going to cling to the memories of this past weekend until Spring makes its arrival here. 


  1. I read this yesterday on my phone, and it made me so happy. This just sounds like the best time. I wish I had this kind of relationship with my family.

  2. ps. What a great picture of you & your husband!


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