December 9, 2013

The Hunger Games, Cookies, and Beer

The fabulous Jennifer Lawrence

The title of this post pretty much sums up the weekend.  We did get to see Santa at the library, and the boys attempted to drive me crazy by running and screaming through the house over and over again.  They didn't want to go outside in the cold…come on snow!  I spent most of Saturday in the kitchen, making granola and filling boxes of goodies to send to my siblings for Christmas.  By the end of the day, Kevin and I were both very glad we had lined up a sitter and were able to escape for a bit.  (I love my boys, but containing the ridiculous amount of energy they have can be exhausting.  Breaks are good for all of us.)

We went to see the latest Hunger Games movie.  I think I may've liked it even more than the book, which is rare for me to say about a movie.  All the actors were perfectly cast and put in wonderful performances.  Jena Malone is especially memorable as Joanna.  We also saw the movie in a "premium cinema" that has reserved, large seats, and alcohol.  I may never see a movie anywhere else.

On Sunday, we had some friends over for brunch.  When they left, we were all feeling full and lazy, especially on another cold and dreary day.  Kevin and I didn't feel like being productive, so we decided on a movie afternoon.  What a good call.  Since we were in a Hunger Games mood, we rented the first movie for ourselves and put on The Polar Express for the boys.  The boys and I then decorated Christmas cookies.  It was peaceful…and quiet…and lovely.

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