December 23, 2013


It's funny how I'm so busy enjoying the season that Christmas seems to just sneak up on me every year.  What, it's here already?!?

This weekend, I baked many dozens of cookies and attended our annual cookie swap with my neighbors.  It was a lovely evening, and I now have a huge variety of cookies for the week!  Perfect.

We also attended the Boston Pops' holiday concert, which is one of my very favorite traditions.  The boys are able to enjoy it a bit more now, too.  Symphony Hall is simply stunning, and the music and energy there is so beautiful that I find myself with happy tears in my eyes the entire time.

We've had the Christmas movies on.  This weekend we watched "A Muppet Christmas Carol" and "Christmas Vacation" with the boys, and I got my fix of "Love Actually" too.

Now it's Christmas Eve Eve, and the boys are extremely excited.  I am too!  I am looking forward to our cozy and intimate Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, just the four of us at home.  And I can't wait to see my new baby niece on Christmas day!  We will be in Connecticut for a couple days, and then we're headed north to Vermont to get our first taste of skiing for the season.  Fingers crossed we can get Nathan to stop this year!

Great food, music, family, games, and fun.  All filled with the magic of this time of year.

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