April 17, 2012

Weekend Recap

Now this weekend truly felt like a long one.  Gorgeous warm and sunny days filled with playing and laughing and getting things done.  Here are a few highlights:

*Saturday was mostly a day for running errands, but we also sat outside in the sunshine and ate pizza for lunch.  There's also something very satisfying about getting tasks accomplished too, isn't there?  Even if it's just hair cuts and grocery shopping and returning books to the library. 
*Sunday was a day for playing.  We spent the morning at home, riding scooters and running around the yard.  We spent the afternoon at a park in Boston, visiting with good friends we very rarely get to see.  It is always a fun outing to get into the city, and we decided to extend it a bit by going out to dinner afterwards. 
*Monday - a bonus day!  Here in Massachusetts, we celebrate Patriot's Day.  Schools and banks are closed, and although my husband and I typically have to work on this day, we decided to take it this year.  Patriot's Day is also the day of the Boston Marathon, and the Red Sox play an early game, starting at 11AM.  We took the boys to their first game at Fenway Park (100 years old this year!).  We had planned to go watch some of the marathon after the game, hoping to see my friend Sara.  It was a very close game, though, and we stayed until the end.  By the time we were leaving the park, Sara had already finished
*The boys had a lot of fun at the baseball game, and the highlight for them was getting ice cream with sprinkles served in a little baseball helmet.
*After the game, we came home and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon.  It was so warm that the boys wanted to run through the sprinkler!  A little taste of summer in April.  I'll take it!

Wow - That was an awesome weekend! 


  1. I cannot wait to go to a baseball game this year! So much fun.

  2. Sounds like the perfect weekend! Love baseball games in the spring + summer. :)

  3. Sounds absolutely lovely! :)


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