April 9, 2012

Weekend Recap

It should've felt like a long weekend, but it didn't.  I worked a little on Friday, although I also got to exercise and start some house organizing before picking up the boys to spend the afternoon at a playground.  Saturday....I was grumpy.  I'm not even sure I can articulate the reason - a number of factors, I suppose.  Looking back, I don't really see why I was a crank, but nonetheless, cranky I most certainly was. 

The boys enjoyed the afternoon playing at their grandma's house, riding scooters and running and playing at their usual frantic pace.  We went out for burgers, and I am tremendously disappointed that my leftovers are still in my mother-in-law's fridge, because it was a good meal. 

Sunday was Easter, which for us meant a family brunch and lots of candy and little toys thrust into the hands of the boys.  Aaron amazes me with his self-discipline, saving most of his candy and eating only a little at a time.  Nathan amazes me with his ability to hide behind furniture so nobody can see him gorge on the bounty of sugar in his basket.  My sister-in-law played hostess, and she is excellent at it.  She made tons of great food, and we all enjoyed visiting and touring her new house. 

Goals for this week:
1.  This one is already done - move out of our back rooms.  Demolition starts this week!  (Turns out, moving is not fun, especially when you're just moving into your own house!)
2.  Figure out how to get to the Red Sox game next Monday without running into the marathon route.
3.  Patience.  I don't like turning into Mommy Dearest.
4.  Sort baby clothes.  It's time to donate or give them away.  (The advantage of "moving" is the resulting organization.)
5.  Make a hotel reservation.  I want to go to the Newport Folk Festival this year!


  1. demolition! finally! so excited for you!

  2. gorgeous picture! yes... i too had a few cranky moments... that lasted longer than i would have liked.

    patience is good goal :).

  3. Hello! I wanted to say that I loved the comment you left for me and am soo excited that you are already thinking of getting an apothecary gift for your sis! Yey. I know I owe you a tester bottle...I will send it soon but I just want the website to be up and running before I send! Sooo exciting!!! Lou x

  4. Such pretty photos. :)

  5. Crankiness aside sounds like a good long weekend. Ugh I hate getting the crankys for no reason - the guilt for turning into a mean Mummy just makes it even worse. The thing to try and remember is that we all do it, and not to beat yourself up about it - just accept it and move on. I know easier said than done :) Have a wonderful week! Annie x


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