March 24, 2008


"Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are." - Marianne Williamson

I have always been good at savoring great moments in life - whether it's watching a sunset, listening to the birds sing, laughing with friends, enjoying a good pint of beer, or screaming at a close basketball game. Life is too good to let it pass you by.

However, I have found it increasingly difficult to do this lately, so I have to remind myself and find new ways of finding peace throughout the day, often in places I wouldn't have appreciated in the past. For example, I have always hated grocery shopping. I'm not even really sure why I've always hated it - it has just always felt like a chore. I've made the decision to make it a time of my week that I can appreciate. I make a list of dinners for the week ahead of time, adding to my grocery list at the same time. Going with a list and being organized helps remove the stress of what to make for dinner every night, too. It also makes the trip more efficient. I bring my iPod and a cup of coffee, and I can listen to some good music and appreciate the "me-time" away from the house. And finally, I am trying to reduce the number of grocery-store trips overall by making small trips to the farm up the road. (This is also done in an effort to buy more local/organic, particularly produce.)

My commute is another time of day that I am learning to appreciate more. Most often, I spend the time singing out loud, but every now and then, I turn off the radio and just allow my thoughts to wander. Everybody should get a little bit of quiet every day.

I LOVE this blog entry from Real Simple. It communicates exactly what I'm striving for - how to find serenity in the everyday chores we all must endure.

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