October 6, 2016

Little Things...

When things don't go as planned or hoped, it becomes even more important to be able to focus on the positives. I was supposed to fly to Charleston this weekend, to spend a few days with my mom and sisters, celebrating my mom's 70th birthday. Instead, the city is being evacuated due to a big nasty hurricane, so we are all staying home. It bums me out, but let's focus on some good stuff so I don't get too sad.
  • We were able to reschedule our trip, so our Charleston trip will still happen - just a month later than planned. 
  • Nathan is playing in a soccer tournament this weekend. Because I'll be home, I'll get to watch him play - I'm pretty excited about that. 
  • It's fall in New England! Gorgeous trees are everywhere. 
  • New TV shows are starting - This Is Us certainly grabbed me, and I am also excited to see Kiefer Southerland again. Everybody's talking about Westworld - I think I'm going to have to convince Kevin to get HBO.
  • Aaron and Nathan made dinner last night - eggs, english muffins, and fruit salad. 
  • I love finishing a good book and starting a new one. 
  • Our new sitter is helping out around the house, so I come home to a clean kitchen every day. 
  • Next year won't be as full of travel as this one was, but we just booked our February ski week - fingers crossed for good weather and snow. 
  • The boys are working on their Christmas lists, and I keep trying to remind them that it's not even Halloween yet! 
  • On Monday night, I had worked from home, and the weather was gorgeous, so I suggested a bike ride before dinner. So lovely.
  • Dawes' latest album, We're All Gonna Die.  Really different from their usual stuff, but I dig it.

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  1. Hope your family is safe! Enjoy your time with your family at home.


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