September 10, 2014

Taking Stock - September 2014

Enjoying:  Our last Red Sox game of the season.  We went to the game on Sunday to watch our last-place team.  It was a gorgeous afternoon, and it's always fun to watch baseball.
Making:  Basil-Walnut Pesto, using up the rest of the basil from the garden.
Cooking:  A new batch of granola.  Trying to get stocked up before I start work and no longer have time for things like homemade granola.
Reading:  The Painter, by Peter Heller.  It's dark, but I'm digging it.
Hoping:  My first week of work goes well.
Wanting:  Some new work clothes.  I may do some shopping soon.
Watching:  House of Cards.  Kevin and I watched the entire first season on the flights to and from Europe.  We got home and signed up for the first free month of Netflix just so we can binge-watch season 2.
Playing:  Uno with my little guy, while Aaron is in his piano lessons.
Eating:  Ice cream every night.  As usual.
Wondering:  When I should declare it the end of "ice cream season" and put the spoon down.
Loving:  September weather.  Cool mornings and blue skies.  Hello, Fall.
Noticing:  How crabby I get when I'm stressed.  Trying really hard to keep it under control.
Drinking:  Water during the week, wine on weekends.
Knowing:  We live a charmed life.  There are times when Kevin and I stop to acknowledge this.
Feeling:  Grateful.  Hopeful.  Nervous.
Listening:  Mostly to Ryan Adams' new album.  Delta Spirit's latest is on right now.  They're both good but probably a little too sad-bastard for my current mood.  Anybody got a recommendation for something happy and bouncy that I might like?
Bookmarking:  A recipe for profiteroles.  I've always wanted to try making them, and I'm thinking our anniversary might be a good excuse.
Needing:  Rain boots.  I've needed them for years.  That's it - I'm ordering some today!
Waiting:  For the holiday-planning mood to hit me.  I think I'm too distracted by the start of work, but I know that it'll only be a few weeks before I start making lists.
Following:  The news, but most of it makes me so sad.  I understand why so many people just try to ignore it all.
Liking:  My last week at home.  With both boys in school full-time, the days are quiet and productive and relaxing.
Wishing:  I had more time to add some fun things to my to-do list.  But see above re: charmed life.  It's all good.


  1. I've been thinking about you; in that strange way I do sometimes when I fret about blog friends as much as real life friends! I sense your disquiet and the need to self-soothe yourself into feeling that this new chapter will be a good one. Of course it will be as you will make it so. If nothing else we have to keep trying new stuff don't we? It would be to easy to just coast. And as you say, the things on the list are all good. I am with you though; I hate change too and I worry endlessly about the nuances. Work need not be an end to life as you know it. It should be an enrichment to life!! Yep really. Read back the post you wrote about why you took a job and how the people were cool and how you wanted to earn towards the family's needs etc. I was so struck by the positivity of that post and it really was only a few short weeks ago!! It will be fine. Repeat after me: it will be fine! Lou x

  2. House of Cards! Yay! You should watch Orange is the New Black next, if you decide to keep Netflix!

    I've been in the weirdest music mood lately. Listening to mostly quiet stuff like Beach House & Polica. It's time for my fall is here/emo mood.

    Best of luck next week at your new job! I hate change too, but if nothing else it forces us to grow. (I keep telling myself this - yet to truly believe it!)


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