July 25, 2014

Newport Folk Festival Preview

photo via theBERRY

It's Newport time again!  We are making our 3rd annual visit to the Newport Folk Festival tomorrow, and I can't wait!  It is seriously one of my favorite days of the year.  One of these years we will make it a whole weekend, but for now, one glorious Saturday a year works.  

I've been strategizing over the show schedule for a couple weeks now, and I think I'm settled on our plan.  It wasn't quite as grueling as it has been in years past, although I truly want to see everyone!  

Here's the plan.  Aoife O'Donovan starts us out in the morning on the Fort (main) stage.  Should be a lovely way to start the day.  Fingers crossed for warm sunshine and cool breezes.

We will then head to the smaller Quad stage to check out The Oh Hello's.  I am really excited to hear these guys live.  Should be fun.

On to the Harbor stage to see J. Roddy Walston and The Business.  Awesome.  Aaron promised he will dance with me when they play "Marigold".  I expect a rock-out session, with lots of dancing and singing along.

It killed me that we missed Shovels & Rope last year, so I was ridiculously excited that they are back again.  And playing the Fort stage!  I might have to go up front to the dancing section for this show.  

And this song.....it's from their new album, out next month.  I keep playing it over and over...turning it up real loud and singing along.  It's infectious.  

We're going to hang around in front of the Fort stage for the rest of the afternoon, because really, there's no reason to move when they keep putting on great music.  Deer Tick will be fun to watch.  I've been going back to their latest album a lot in anticipation.

Then Nickel Creek!  I've been enjoying their latest album - their first in many years - so I'm excited to hear them play live.

And how's Jack White for a headliner!?  I seriously love his latest album.  He is going to kick ass, and I can't wait to see it.  Hopefully the boys will still be going strong at this point.  Jack will be loud and crazy and awesome and a perfect way to end a fabulous day of music.

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  1. you guys are way cool.

    i'm thinking about my doorbell. when ya gonna ring it, when ya gonna ring it??

    see what i did there? i'm cool too, sorta.


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