July 23, 2014

A Few Things...

Just a few things I've run across lately...

Have you watched Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee yet?  It's a web series by Jerry Seinfeld - basically he takes a famous friend out for coffee, and the show is their conversation.  It's very entertaining.  I loved the most recent episode, with Jon Stewart.  I also really enjoyed Sarah Jessica Parker.  And Tina Fey.  And Ricky Gervais.  And Louis CK.  Oh my gosh Alec Baldwin cracked me up.  So many good ones.  You get to see a little of their real personalities, which can be fascinating when you only know them as their characters.

I love Eddie Vedder.

Every now and then, Kevin will throw out a comment about Harvard into a conversation, and my reaction is always "our kids are not going to Harvard".  Of course you can get a good education at Harvard, but something about it - and the rest of the Ivy League - has always made me uncomfortable.  I think this article helps articulate what it is.   I want more for my kids.

Here's another trick for getting your kids to try new vegetables.

Tina Fey and Jason Bateman are awesome.  Here's yet another movie I want to see.

Being informed and fashionable is natural for women.  I liked this opinion piece in the Washington Post.

I am going to Amsterdam in just a few weeks!  I loved reading Simone's post about her recent visit.

Holy wow this is an amazing transformation.

Born in the USA turns 30 this year, and there is a tribute album.  Must check it out.

I think about how good my kids have it all the time.  We are lucky to be able to provide so much for them, and yet I worry about spoiling them.  How do we ensure they understand?  This article is good and in line with our way of thinking.

I like reading inspiring parenting posts, and I've run across a few good ones lately.  Sometimes they are too short to be well-balanced, but they often provide good reminders.
This one reminded me to slow down.
This one made me stop and think about the questions I ask them at the end of the day.
This one made me feel good about our full bookshelves.
This one made me smile and think of my two awesome boys, who never stop, get pee everywhere, and love their Mom.


  1. A few things? All I see in this post is AMSTERDAM!!!!! see you sooooooon!

  2. LOVE this post, so many interesting things to read....I've heard of the Jerry Seinfeld series but never watched one....just watched the SJP one which was very good :)

    I meant to email you as I wanted to send you the really great Family/Child-friendly map I got sent for Amsterdam....we found it very helpful. If you'd like it, you are welcome to it....just email me with your address, I'd be happy to send it on. Don't feel you have to have it though of course! Thank you for the link to my post....we loved Amsterdam, hope you do too. Someone recommended we visit the NEMO centre....it's like the Science Museum & supposed to be great.

    Enjoy your summer! Xx

  3. Amsterdam!! How exciting!

    I going to watch some of those episodes right now. I've only seen the Louis CK one.

    I love that veggie trick! Emma is getting picky lately, so I'm going to give it a shot.


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