July 10, 2014


My baby is five.  We celebrated with a Hotwheels party at home.  Racetracks, an obstacle course, a piñata, and ice cream cake.  A few things about my sweet and beautiful boy...

1.  His favorite color changes by the day, but most often it's still blue.
2.  He still loves pasta, but he chooses grilled cheese or pizza most often now.  He will eat some meat, but only selected kinds.  He does really well with most veggies.  
3.  Cereal for breakfast, although he'd have waffles or pancakes every day if I made them for him.
4.  His favorite TV show is Wild Kratts.  It's basically the only one he watches.  It's pretty remarkable how much he has learned about animals as well as geography from watching this show.
5.  He loves legos.  He plays with his mini figures all the time.
6.  He's done with preschool, and he's excited to be in the same school with his big brother in the Fall.
7.  He still turns everything into a gun, a sword, or a bat.  I'm eagerly waiting for this phase to end.
8.  He plays on his own quite a bit, and he creates little worlds for himself and his toys.  It's so cool to watch.  
9.  His artistic flair points to large, dramatic scribbles, but he has added some recognizable objects.  These include people - including belly buttons!, rainbows, houses, grass and trees...
10.  He loves riding his two-wheel bike, but his scooter is still his favorite.  
11.  He loves baseball.  Having batting practice in the back field, playing catch, running the bases...
12.  Every night at bedtime, we read a couple stories, and he then asks for a couple toys to play with in bed.  A couple superheroes, a bunch of mini figures, a few hot wheels cars...  
13.  He still has his blonde hair.  I hope it stays - it's beautiful with his dark chocolate-brown eyes.
14.  He is getting stingier with his hugs and kisses, but I still get one every morning and every night.  I steal more when I can.  

Update:  I forgot to mention this and I don't want to ever forget it.  About a week before his birthday, I told Nathan that I wanted him to stay 4 forever.  Four is so sweet, and snuggly, and fun, and awesome.  He said, "Mom, I can't stay 4.  I have to turn 5, and then 6, and then 7..."  I said, "But why?"  His response?  "I don't know, Mom, that's just the way life works.  But 5 will be awesome too."  Oh my goodness I just adore this kid.

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