February 4, 2014

Little Things...

Sunny and blue skies after a snowy day.  Everything is clean and white and quiet.

The new app everybody is blogging about - Waterlogue.  It's pretty fun.

Doing a solid headstand in yoga.

Aaron keeps asking to help make dinner.  All week he has chopped, stirred, poured, rinsed, cleaned...  I need to find a recipe I'd be comfortable with him trying by himself.

Newport is starting to make their lineup announcements.  It's like Christmas every few days, and I love the anticipation.

Another snowstorm in the forecast.  I know this isn't a beautiful thing to a lot of people, but I love it.

Legos.  Love both watching my boys follow directions and look with pride at a completed project as well as watching them put together creations of their own.

Sera Cahoone.

Forgetting what day it is.

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  1. I've been letting Emma help out more in the kitchen lately. I'm such a control freak that it's hard, but I do enjoy watching her learn!

    I don't know how you handle the weather!! I'm ready for summer. :)


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