February 10, 2014

Getting Off The Couch...

I feel like I didn't leave the couch this weekend, but when I look back, I realize I did.  A pancake breakfast fundraiser at the school, out to see a movie with the kids, some errands, and an afternoon on the sledding hill.  Fill in the gaps with a lot of Olympics and movie-watching at home.  

I think I just wanted to stay on the couch all weekend.  I was fighting a cold and felt like I was walking in a fog.  I slept poorly and was therefore tired and impatient during the day.  A lot of apologies on my part as I sounded like Mommy Dearest at times.  They're boys, they're loud, they're slow when I want them to speed up and crazy when I want them to slow down.  I know this, I accept this, but I do not handle this well when I am not at my best.  

Even though I wasn't feeling well, I'm glad I got off the couch.  The pancakes were good, the movie (The Lego movie) was funny, the errands are now done, and the fresh air felt good as I mostly watched the boys sled.  It enabled them to get some of their energy out, which is an absolute necessity.

Although I stayed up way too late reading, as I always do when Kevin is out of town, I got a good night's sleep, and I woke up feeling whole again.  I had a productive day, and I'm energized to have a good week.  

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