February 24, 2014

Life Lately...

Braving the elements.  Cold, snowy days didn't keep us inside.  
Marveling at the view from the top.  
Feeling grateful we got that warm, gorgeous day.
Watching my boys glide down the slopes.  Aaron loves looking for jumps and trails in the trees.  Nathan has improved dramatically this season and is now fully independent.  His favorite trail had a relatively flat, narrow part through the trees, and there were no other skiers around.  He said he loved it because he could ski and have quiet time.  I love that.
Spending time with the best of friends.  
Taking a break from the normal home routines.
Watching the Olympics.
Enjoying a night out.
Relaxing in the hot tub each evening, appreciating the view of the mountain.
Reading.  Thinking.  Wondering.  Feeling.
Savoring those rare quiet moments.
Soaking in all the awesomeness of my boys.
Preparing myself to re-enter those home routines. 
Attending birthday parties.  
Getting together with more friends.  
Laundry, laundry, laundry.
Feeling happy.
Being grateful.  


  1. what a view from the hot tub!!! not a bad life to be living. :)

  2. No better feeling than being in the mountains :-) xx

  3. hi! just back from our trip and so fun to catch up. yeah for skiing. your posts always make me smile. xoxo


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