January 23, 2014

What's Going On...

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January can be a strange month.  On one hand, I enjoy the fresh start of a new year, the peacefulness and quiet after the noisy fun chaos that is December.  I like snowy days and skiing, and I'm usually motivated to clean and organize.  I schedule date nights and gatherings with friends, and I start looking forward to summer by making vacation plans.  On the other hand, sometimes these cold and gray days make me want to do nothing except curl up in front of a fireplace with a good book.  

I guess I've been doing some of both.  I've been reading a lot, and I've been somewhat unmotivated to move through my list.  I've craved silence and solitude.  But then I have other days when I manage to get a lot done.  I suppose that's a decent balance.  

Lady Mary.  Source unknown.

So what have I been doing lately?  Well, last weekend was a good one.  We got a full day of skiing in on Saturday, and Nathan is officially an independent skier now.  Yay!  I must say...I love having an activity that all four of us can do together.  Watching the boys go down the slopes, side by side, is a joy.  And I also love that it has completely changed my perspective on winter.  I still hate it when it gets too cold, as it has been a lot lately, but I enjoy snowstorms more than ever.  

We also spent an afternoon/evening with friends.  The boys played, and the adults enjoyed good conversation.  It was a lot of fun, and a reminder that time spent with friends is time well spent.  

Yoga!  Kevin got me a gift certificate to a local yoga studio for Christmas, and I signed up for an introductory month.  It's hot yoga, which I haven't always liked, so I wanted to try out a few of the classes.  I've been going about three times a week, and I am loving it.  My shoulders feel strong, I find myself sitting up straighter, and I haven't had any jaw/neck pain at all.  (That's where I carry stress, so to live without tightness or pain there is a wonder.)  

Downton Abbey is back...thank you to the Europeans for not publishing any spoilers.  I'm so happy it looks like Lady Mary isn't going to stay mopey and sad for too long.  We also recently finished season 2 of Homeland, and unfortunately, it's been impossible to avoid hearing details about season 3.  Is it still worth watching?  I hope so - I guess we'll see.  

Otherwise...dreaming of future house decorating projects, filling out school forms, making those vacation plans, buying lift tickets, practicing my guitar, sitting with the boys as they make their valentines, and the usual cleaning and cooking routine that serves as the overall outline for my days.  

something about this house, this color.  stunning.  source unknown.


  1. I feel as though I've had a very similar month to you....and I know you've already said the same to me LOL!! Lists & plans but actually the month has passed with me sitting tight & feeling like I've not got that much done really. There's always February....

    I have only watched season 2 of "Homeland"...I missed season 1 & everyone seemed to say that season 2 wasn't as good. I didn't get into season 3 at all....and yes, now I know the ending, I don't really feel motivated to watch it. I need a good TV series to get my teeth into :)

    I love that you are planning to go to Barcelona & Amsterdam, isn't that funny! I have a feeling you may make it there before we do, can't wait to hear about it!

    Have a great week-end Xx

  2. Hi!! Ditto from me - January is a funny old month. I started it pretty motivated but the last two weeks I am on another go-slow. I figure it's OK - why rush and fuss? Re Homeland - I have to say we persevered and it is worth it! I knew the spoiler but even so, the story does have a twist and if nothing else it is well written and taut. I am looking for a replacement now! Funny how in your summer plans you are coming to Europe and meanwhile we are planning for America. The lure of Disney is too much so it will be Florida, although I did look at Boston and would love to go back.

    I wish our winter actually cultivated some snow that we could do something with. So far it's just rain and grey clouds which I would defy anyone to remain motivated throughout. Spring will be here before we know it though...
    Lou x


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