January 29, 2014

Random Thoughts...

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Am I really the only one that thought Beyonce and Jay Z sounded awful at the Grammys?  They are both beautiful, immensely talented people, but really...I was surprised to hear everybody gush about that performance.  I watch the Grammys mostly out of curiosity.  Almost every year, I am pleasantly surprised by someone's performance.  Most of the music is not my preference, but I can appreciate music of all styles.  I liked Lorde, Pink was impressive, I can acknowledge Taylor Swift's talents, I like Kacey Musgrave, and actually I think my favorite performance of the night was Kendrick Lamar.  I am almost tempted to buy a rap album!  

I am spending a lot of time with our budget this week.  This time of year always brings a renewed focus on our spending, as we both recover from the heavy spending that occurs at the end of the year and attempt to cover the expenses that occur as we plan for the summer.  It is no fun.  

The southeast is getting hit with a winter storm, and my hometown is getting snow!  A few inches of snow is nothing up here, but when it happens in the south, it is a huge deal.  Schools and businesses are closed, traffic is ridiculous... It's a little funny to watch from afar.  I hope everyone stays safe and that my nieces get to build a snowman.  

Someone once told me that you are either an "inviter" or an "invitee".  Meaning, you are either someone who is always asking people to do things, or the opposite.  I wonder if this is true.  I do feel like I am very often the one who is arranging get-togethers, and I sometimes get frustrated that more of my friends don't make the effort to reciprocate.  

I have picked out most of the items I want to "finish" our family room.  Pillows for the couch, a mirror for the wall, an end table...  and I'll also want a lamp and big plant.  But we can't afford any of it right now.  See comments re: budget above.  It's still fun to plan.  

We watched 'Captain Phillips' last weekend.  Intense, and very good.  I haven't seen many of the Oscar-nominated movies, and I want to see more of them.  Especially 'American Hustle', '12 Years a Slave', and 'Dallas Buyers Club'.  Everybody is saying that 'Her' is amazing, and yet I don't have much of a desire to see it.  'Wolf of Wall Street' either.  I do want to see 'Blue Jasmine'.  What movies/actors will you be rooting for on Oscar night?  

After a few weeks of regular and more frequent yoga, I can feel a difference!  I am getting deeper into poses, feeling more comfortable in pigeon, holding wheel longer, staying up the entire time in crow, feeling strong and stable in dancer....it's a beautiful feeling.  

It's Wednesday.  Funny how the days hold less significance when you're not bound by the work-week.  Kevin says "Is it Friday yet?", and I remember that feeling.  For now, I look forward to every day.  

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  1. Hello!! Ahh random thoughts are lovely to read. This post especially reads like something out of a Nora Ephron film; that bit where she says (I think in You've Got Mail) 'I lead a small life; small but important' or similar. These are the thoughts that we walk around with and I can so relate to what you write. I need to do more yoga - I am only now seeing just how amazing an activity it is. You might just have spurred me to go to another session tomorrow morning. I have found an incredible teacher.

    Meanwhile on 'Blue Jasmine'. I watched this film on the plane out to Dubai and have to say that since then I found I have thought about it so much. Cate Blanchett is so good in it and it made fairly uncomfortable but compelling viewing for me, for lots of reasons. I think if a film stays with you long after it's over, that's 'a sign'. There I go with Nora Ephron-isms again! 'It's a sign' - Sleepless in Seattle.

    So - enjoy your week and as ever I am right there with you in random thoughts, just this side of the Atlantic. Lou x

    1. I love the comparison to Nora Ephron - if only we could all speak such truth. 'Blue Jasmine' is high on my list, and since it is already available for renting, it may actually happen soon! The others will have to wait. I hope you had a good yoga session...it really can do wonders!

  2. love this. esp the inviter/invitee concept, and how honest you are about it. inviting requires you to be organized, pulled together, etc. - which you are - which is probably why. i go in waves of inviting. i'd like to live near you and invite myself to your place for a menu of the week all week, and also invite you to drag my unstreached ass to a yoga class or 10. then i'd invite you to tea. since we aren't on track to be neighbors any time soon, i'd like to invite you to amsterdam. mid august. cool? xo

    1. Yes I suppose that's the way I've always viewed my 'inviter' status, especially when my friends thank me so much for getting people together and admit that they suck at it sometimes. So I'll keep on keeping on. (I just had to admit somewhere that I can get frustrated at times.) And thank you so much for the invitation! We'd love to come to Amsterdam! August is perfect! Let's do it! ;-)


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