January 10, 2014

Aoife O'Donovan - Oh, Mama

In January, the music I listen to tends to consist of those albums I didn't pay enough attention to the previous year.  I also get suggestions of albums I missed from those end of year "best of" lists, and I never fail to find a few gems hidden within.  

I have always enjoyed Crooked Still, and yet I was a little hesitant to pick up Aoife O'Donovan's solo album, Fossils, when it first came out.  In my opinion, her voice was sometimes a weakness in the Crooked Still songs.  Too breathy and slight to compete with the musicality of the instruments in the band.  After giving it a listen, though, I discovered that she found the best ways of using her voice.  It's more prominent in her own songs, and it doesn't have to struggle to be heard.  I loved the music immediately.

The song above has been on repeat, and I've enjoyed fiddling with it myself on my guitar.  The entire album is beautiful, though - check it out.

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