August 29, 2013

Out on the Town...

My sister and her family were with us for three weeks, including the week at Lake Ontario.  During our time at home, we were able to enjoy two (two!) double dates.  Thank you, Mom!  

For our first evening out, and much-needed break from the kids (I love them like crazy, but they can also make me crazy), we went to our favorite local restaurant.  We enjoyed probably the best meal I've had all year.  My mouth waters just thinking of it.  And my sister had probably the best drink I've ever tried.  It was so good, she waited 45 minutes for them to make the second batch (it requires infusing vodka with cilantro!) and then proceeded to lick the glass when she was done.  Makes me smile just thinking of it.

For our second night out, we went to a brewery for dinner and followed it up with a movie.  We avoided the giant multiplex in favor of a tiny movie house that we had never been to before.  It was quiet and small and perfect.  The movie we chose was The Way Way Back, and I loved it.  Highly recommend.  

Now it's time for me to plan our next date-night.  It's always nice to have one to look forward to.  

Yes we took pictures at the bar.  We're cool like that.


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  2. Well now I need to know what you ate!

  3. Hollie - it was fish. I can't even remember what kind - some kind of white fish. (I'm getting old.) Served with some yummy noodle and corn concoction. The restaurant is owned by Ming Tsai, so everything has Asian flavors. It was seriously divine. My husband has what he always gets there - garlic-pepper lobster. Soooo good.


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