June 24, 2008

I Tackled the Fridge!

Well, I started it anyway. Cleaning out the refrigerator is actually a huge task, which is why it often gets put off until things start sticking to the shelves. I was never going to find a consolidated block of time to tackle the whole thing, so I broke it down. We were low on groceries, which is the best time to do this of course, so I took out each shelf and gave it a thorough scrubbing before putting it back in and arranging the items. Next up is the drawers, which I'll do the next time we're low on groceries. I figure I'll need four steps to complete the entire activity:

1. Refrigerator shelves
2. Refrigerator drawers
3. Refrigerator doors
4. Freezer (Ugh! The dreaded freezer. Worst of all. But there are weird and interesting things frozen in there that must be removed.)

If there's a cleaning or organizing project that you know you need to do, but you just can't seem to find the time (or you don't want to spend that much time) to do the whole thing at once - break it down into manageable chunks. Just taking that first step will motivate you to finish it. Eventually.
*And because it is always fun to see what's inside someone else's refrigerator, here's a peek in mine. This is mid-cleaning, of course, so look at the shelves, and not the drawers.

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