June 16, 2008

Baby Stuff: Bibs

Bibs, bibs, bibs. My god, when our little one started eating solids, we went through bibs like crazy. I felt like I was washing a load of bibs every other day! We had plenty, since we got so many as gifts, so that wasn't a problem. And they did the trick with pureed foods. The problem arose when we started moving to finger foods - cheerios and onward. The solution: this soft bib by Kiddopotamus.

Baby Bjorn has a similar one out there, and we actually have one, but I much prefer this kind, as does the boy. The Bjorn one is very hard, and it's not very comfortable for him to wear. This one is much more portable, too - just wipe it off and roll it up! We use this one bib for every meal now. It's great!

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