June 9, 2014

Taking Stock

From Sunday night's First Aid Kit show.  Damn they are good.

Making:  lots of salads with the lettuce and kale from the garden.  What a pleasure to be able to go out and pick exactly what I need.
Cooking:  food on the grill, since it's finally summer!  But tonight...teriyaki ginger meatballs, rice, and broccoli.  Tomorrow, my favorite spring meal...pasta primavera.
Drinking:  water, water, and more water.  Sometimes a splash of lemonade in it, or a squeeze of lime. I've been trying to cut down the alcohol, and I've done pretty well the last few weeks.
Reading:  Just started This Is How You Lose Her, by Junot Diaz.  Oh, and How to Train Your Dragon with Aaron.
Wanting:  a casual pair of capris.  Why are they so hard to find?
Looking:  at families with two working parents for inspiration.
Playing:  new songs on my guitar.  Conor Oberst is my current musical inspiration.
Wasting:  too much time on Facebook - it's time to take another break, so I removed it from my phone and logged out on the computer.
Sewing:  ha!
Wishing:  my sisters lived closer.
Enjoying:  First Aid Kit's new album.  I bought the vinyl record at their show last night, and it may stay on the turntable for a good long while.  Beautiful.
Waiting:  for summer vacation to start, and yet trying to savor each moment along the way.
Liking:  the sounds of baseball from the backyard.
Wondering:  how long it will take us to fix our front door.  Ugh.
Hoping:  that I find a good job (My definition of good.)
Marveling:  at how cool my boys are.  I mean, I know, obvious, and I'm their mom, but really.
Needing:  work clothes.  Well, I don't need them yet, but I'm realizing that I most definitely will.
Smelling:  fresh tomato scent on my fingers after tending to the garden.  No tomatoes yet, but they're coming.
Wearing:  shorts and a tee.  Pretty much every day.
Following:  musicians and comedians and astronauts on Twitter.  Smile a little, laugh a little, learn a little.  See also:  wasting time.
Noticing:  the house is kind of messy.  I think I'm okay with kind of messy.
Knowing:  I eat too much ice cream.  See also:  not caring.
Thinking:  too many things.  All the time.  Working on quieting my mind.
Bookmarking:  too many recipes on Pinterest.  I need to start making some of them or quit bothering!
Watching:  the season finale of Turn.  A show Kevin and I agree on.
Giggling:  every time the boys fart and crack up laughing.  I know I shouldn't encourage them, but...
Feeling:  grateful for my beautiful, healthy family and our happy little life.

*Copied from Bridget at Tales of Me and the Husband,  who copied it from someone else, who copied it from...

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  1. these really are my favorite kinds of posts to read. :) I wish I would have seen this before I posted mine, I would have borrowed the idea! It's a bit more organized. haha.


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