November 18, 2013

At This Moment...

…It's the middle of a Monday morning, and I'm eating a pumpkin chocolate-chip cookie.  We made them over the weekend, and they are great.  I'm going to help in the library at school in a bit, so lunch will be late today.  A couple cookies will tide me over.

…I'm pretty much done Christmas shopping.  In our house, Santa brings one main present for each of the boys, and he fills their stockings.  Done and done.  I'll wait to do the wrapping in December with Little Women or A Christmas Carol or It's a Wonderful Life.  We aren't doing any gift exchanges amongst adults this year.  Keep it simple, everyone.

…No gift exchanges, although I am still planning on sending my mom and siblings a little something homemade again this year.  I should think about when I'm going to do that.

…My fingers are sore.  I had my first guitar lesson last week, and I'm trying to be diligent about practicing.  Preparing for lessons #2.  Yay!

…My to-do list today looks like this:  dentist, volunteer at school library, 3 loads of laundry, pay a few bills, sweep downstairs, clean upstairs bathrooms.  In addition to the usual dishes, cooking, and hanging with the boys.  That's a good, full day.

…I feel pretty good.  My cold is totally gone now, and I've gotten good sleep lately.  It's amazing how much a good night's sleep can improve how I feel.

…I have my music on shuffle right now, and it's fun to be surprised.  Playing music from the computer is especially surprising, because it contains my entire music collection.  (Which reminds me, I should back up the computer today.)  The morning's playlist has included The Milk Carton Kids, Trampled by Turtles, Lucinda Williams, Radiohead, The Lemonheads…  At this moment, it's Madonna.

…It's kind of warm and muggy today, but the cold will be back tomorrow.  I'm ready for it.  Thanksgiving is next week!  I want chilly outside so we can be cozy inside.


  1. I promised myself I was going to only get one gift for Emma this year, but then I got to thinking about how the first Christmas I remember was when I was 5, and I want her to have a good one this year, so I picked up a couple of more small things.

    Glad to hear you're feeling better!

  2. Hollie - lest you misunderstand… Santa may limit things, but the boys get the boring stuff from us (books, PJs), and tons of stuff from aunts/uncles, and grandmas. Trust me, they get plenty!


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