July 2, 2012

Striving...and a Weekend

We're going on a frog hunt!

Although I've mostly been keeping up with the regular postings here on the blog - my weekend recaps, my three beautiful things, my music picks... - I feel like I haven't really said too much lately.  I have been totally preoccupied with the renovation and a big project at work, and those things have sucked the energy out of me.  I have found that I have a hard time giving my mind and body time to be still, to think.  I am reminded that balance in life is an elusive thing, one that I must continuously strive for; and when I realize that I am out of whack, I need to make the necessary adjustments.

This week's goals were identified with that in mind:
*Take a day off
*Cut back on alcohol a bit (summer sangria or crisp hefeweizen can sometimes be just a little too tempting)
*I have actually been doing well at fitting in exercise, but I'm going to add a longer core workout to my current routine
*More water!
*Hide my iPhone from myself so I can be more in the moment

All that said, we did have a really nice weekend.  My boys and I spent Saturday morning stocking up at the farmer's market (raspberries! blueberries! and the biggest cucumbers I've ever seen), and then we went to a nearby wildlife sanctuary.  It was a hot day, so it was nice to take a long shady walk in the woods.  For the boys, it was a hunt for animals and a chance to climb on big rocks.  For me, it was time to enjoy the quiet and the shade.  

Sunday was Nathan's third birthday.  We celebrated our little man with family and cupcakes and presents.  I feel like the baby years are very suddenly behind me.  I can get a bit nostalgic, but mostly I am very excited about moving to the next phase, watching the boys grow.  They run out the door to play, and can (just about) do everything "all by themselves!".  I have to admit that I love this.  It allows me to sit back and marvel at the people they are becoming.

As we enter a new week, I am excited that there is another day off in the middle of the week.  I am hopeful this will allow me to maintain a slower pace.  I am excited to realize that I only have eighteen workdays left before taking a nice long, and yes let's say it, well-deserved break.  I am also excited that the house is being painted today.  After this week, we should be able to start reclaiming our yard.  Little by little...  We're getting there.  


  1. Such a sweet post. Your boys are lucky to have you. Enjoy your day off. Sounds like you deserve it!

  2. I very much identify with the hide my iPhone/drink more water goals! I would also very much love to hide D's iPhone but fear that it is surgically attached to his hand, grr!

    Anyway. Happy birthday to your little man. I hope you have a wonderful week and manage to take that day off :)


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