July 26, 2012

House Update

I was really excited to post a house update this week, because this was going to be a big week.  The cabinets arrived last Friday, and they are so pretty!  This week, we were supposed to see the cabinets completely installed and good progress on painting.  However...

The other night, a guy came to the house to create the template for the countertops.  In order to do this, he needed to put the sink in its place.  Now let me stop here and tell you that our sink is a gorgeous porcelain farmhouse style apron sink.  It is one of the most expensive things we purchased for the renovation, and the kitchen sink and faucet will be a focal point of the room.  I loooove it.  So the guy did his thing and left.  Later that evening, I went to take a few pictures to share here, and I noticed a big chip in the front of the sink!  I almost started crying.  The only reason I didn't was because I was too angry.  And worried.  I wasn't sure how my contractor would respond - would he do the right thing, or would he fight us on it?  After pacing around the kitchen with Kevin, we then noticed that there was a big chunk taken out of the wall, and a piece of wood that was broken off.  Clearly the stone guy had dropped the sink.  I am actually thankful for this additional evidence, because it made it very clear what had happened.  I was still worried about how our contractor would respond, though, and I was also worried about the delay this would cause.

Thankfully, our GC responded exactly the way he should have.  He apologized for having the stone people come after hours, he acknowledged he should've had them come when his foreman was on site to supervise, and he immediately said, "Don't worry - we'll take care of it.  We'll get you a new sink."  Whew. 

Then there's the matter of timing.  It will be a little delay, but hopefully not too significant.  The new sink should arrive today.  These sinks can vary just a little in size, so we have to make sure that the new one works in the cabinet and that the template for the countertop still fits.  There have also been several issues with the cabinets themselves (some understandable, since our kitchen space is pretty crooked, and others not really).  Those need to be resolved as well.  And the painters didn't even show up yesterday!  So several rooms are primed, but the painters have a long way to go. 

How's that for an update?  Just when we think the finish line is in sight, it moves a little further out.  But I guess with a project this big, a few setbacks are to be expected.  The cabinets really are pretty, though. 


  1. You poor thing, I can imagine how upset you were about the sink, especially as it was your Big Thing! So glad that everything has worked out, though, and hopefully there won't be too much of a delay for you :) On the plus side, your cabinets look fabulous! I have kitchen envy ;)

  2. I can't even imagine the anxiety that would ensue after something like that happening. I''m glad you have a good contractor and everything is being taken care of. I can't wait to see everything finished! Farmhouse sinks are my absolute favorite.

  3. wow, you were very lucky to have such decent guys.
    we once had our new fridge dented and the tradesman was such a pain in general that we never bothered to complain, knowing he'd deny it anyway.
    well done on the progress too!


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