August 1, 2016

New York Friends

Every Summer weekend seems to be filled with travel and fun. A couple weekends ago (I'm still catching up), we visited our friends in New York. They live in the suburbs of New York City, and we hadn't seen them in too long. You know those friends who are always a pleasure to hang out with? The ones with no drama, just easy and fun to hang out with?  These are our friends. They have kids the same ages as ours, and they are all now friends as well, which has only made it that much more rewarding to spend time together. 

Saturday included several hours at their beach club, playing in the pool; and then we ventured into the Bronx to attend a Yankees game that evening. It was all tremendous fun, and the kids were upset to have to leave to go home the next day. I have to admit, I wasn't all that excited about it either. 

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