August 11, 2014

Where I Am...

I'm in Spain right now!  I have no connectivity, so I am posting this ahead of time.  Just to let you know where I am.  Hopefully at this time I will be exploring a neat little Spanish town in Catalonia.  And in a couple hours I will be watching my boys play in the pool with their cousins, and then I will enjoy some wine as we decide what to do for dinner.  Making simple decisions.  Soaking up the sunshine, catching up with my sister, and being far, far away from our normal, everyday routines.  

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  1. Wow - have a great time and enjoy every minute! I hope the jet lag is not too much! We will be in Portugal soon so nearer than we usually are. Like the idea of simple decisions rather than complex ones!!! I hope you get a refreshing break and come back ready for your new challenges. L x


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