May 22, 2014

Little Things...

I got a new pair of sneakers, and they are purple.  I am a little shocked every time I look down.  

We finally adjusted these shelves to be able to accommodate more records.  We added a box full of albums given to us by Kevin's uncle.  Our collection is really coming along!  

It's lilac season.  The yard smells amazing, and the purple and white blooms are so pretty.


  1. Ahhh you got sun....I look out the window today and it is raining and there's thunder and hail! Not really my idea of May-time loveliness; unlike your garden which looks so pretty. Love the new trainers. I am going through an everything-should-be-neon phase with training gear, makes me happy. Lou x

  2. I recently got some new trainers which are mostly pink....I LOVE them, they make me smile :)

    That looks like a great record collection....and those lilacs are gorgeous, my favourites!

    What a lovely post! X


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